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Data Science

Holy Grail of Tying Campaigns to Investment & Performance

There are 1.7 megabytes of data created for every single person on the web every second! For each one of those web users, there are meaningful insights that can be derived from that data.

That's where our data science team comes in. We collect all the data that's relevant to your marketing efforts, like consumer demographics and behavior, site impressions, lead form submissions, and so much more!

But it doesn't end there. What good is data without putting it to use? Our team takes the data we collect and uses it to inform crucial decisions concerning the marketing tactics we use to help you reach your business goals.

find8 performance marketing personalized approach to data science
find8 performance marketing personalized approach to data science

What Data Science Can Do for You


find8 performance marketing listens to your marketing needs

Research & Insights

Market Research
If you're going to effectively market to the customer segments that are most likely to buy from you, the first step is to figure out who they are and how they spend their time online. Pulling from the vast annals of the internet, we can pinpoint which groups are most engaged with content like yours and use the numbers to help drive strategic decision-making.

Customer Analysis & Segmentation

The Customer Analysis and Segmentation report helps enterprise level companies learn more about the types of consumers they should be strategically targeting. Our data scientists take the findings from market research and create in-depth buyer personas based on your main customer categories. These personas are aimed at solving the customer's needs and pain points to help direct the messaging in a way to entice the target market—giving you more sales leads!

Data & Analytics

Marketing Dashboard

Our marketing dashboard is completely custom and measures your overall marketing performance based on a wide variety of indicators. Most of these metrics are concerned with your website, like Google Analytics data. Common measurements include number of site visitors, Click Through Rates, Bounce Rates (how long till they leave your site), number of lead form submissions, and more! These metrics are crucial for creating and shifting marketing tactics.


Call Tracking Report

Maximize the efficacy of your sales funnel tactics by identifying which advertising campaigns truly drive results. Track all inbound communications across any channel, back to your marketing campaigns. Every call, text, and form that you receive on a unique tracking number will be linked to the campaign that inspired it. This gives you the lowdown on which campaign sources are performing, and which ones need tweaked. You also gain valuable insight on your offline interactions through call logs you can listen to in real-time. Are your calls being answered in a timely and professional manner? This can be just as important as receiving a call in the first place.

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  • Data gives us the information we need to maximize your marketing budget to be more competitive. Our team leverages creative ways to pull data from a diverse set of sources to give you a holistic view of how your marketing is performing.

  • Raw data means nothing to business owners unless they can process what it means in plain English. We perform in-depth analysis and comprehensive reporting of your online data to provide you with informed recommendations to help drive your business growth.

  • Employing robust data pipelines into our process has allowed our data science team to seamlessly automate processing and storage tasks - allowing us to save time and resources while reducing the risk of human error.

  • We are able to leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to forecast predictions and draw insights from massive stores of data. This allows us to give our clients a competitive edge by using forecasting metrics to inform resource allocation and decision making.

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Fast Facts

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Of companies see increased engagement when they use data-driven marketing.

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Of marketers say data is their company’s most under-utilized asset.

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Of marketing execs say data-driven marketing is vital in this economy.



Companies who adopt data-driven marketing are 6x more likely to be profitable year over year.

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