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ADA Compliance: From Sound Recommendation to Grave Warning

In January 2023, Find8 published a blog on the importance of ADA compliance for business websites. At that time, we recommended that every client implement an ADA Compliance widget to avoid possible ramifications.  Since then, a client who chose not to take our recommendation was the target of a lawsuit.  And so, we’re urging our […]

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Life Is Not a Malfunction: 5 Aspects of Marketing that AI Just Can’t Grasp

Artificial intelligence, like a bolt of lightning, has sparked new life into several industries. The emergence of ChatGPT and other forms brings new possibilities and solutions. While AI can automate many tasks, it cannot replace your marketing team.  Even though Number 5 was alive—and melted our hearts—we still wouldn’t trust him to do our marketing. […]

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Getting Slimed: The 5 Most Common Google Ads Campaign Mistakes Multi-Location Businesses Make

A strategic Google Ads campaign can effectively promote your brand and drive more traffic to your website, whether you run a single-location ghost-trapping business in New York or have multiple locations across the globe. However, creating a successful campaign can be challenging, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the best practices and common mistakes to avoid.  […]

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GA4: The Future of Analytics

“I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet. But your kids are gonna love it.”  —Marty McFly, Back to the Future If you feel unprepared for a futuristic look at gathering and organizing data—you’d better get ready.  Google has announced that the new Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will soon replace Universal Analytics (UA) as […]

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5 Benefits of Optimizing your Google Business Profile

You’ve taken your passion and made it happen. Now, what? It’s time to look at your Google Business Profile to find hidden opportunities to utilize the tool in your favor. Sure, you’re a maniac on the sales floor. But are you presenting virtually like you never have before? Nothing facilitates the growth of a business […]

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Intentional SEO

What’s SEO? SEO, or search engine optimization, is priming a website’s configuration, content, and relevance to make it more easily findable for consumers using search engines like Google. Our Find8 SEO experts are data nerds who welcome the challenge of helping clients move up in Google rankings. But, according to them, user intent is one essential […]

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The Importance of ADA Compliance

What is ADA Compliance? Is your website ADA compliant? ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. This civil law mandates inclusion, especially for those with disabilities, in public spaces. Any place open to the general population must make appropriate accommodations for those with a disability. This includes stores, restaurants, schools, libraries, and public transportation. […]

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Strategic Brand Messaging—A Marketing Must

Branding Summary Company branding is essential for running a business. Every company needs a foundational idea of how it will communicate to its audience. Read our blog about archetypes in branding.  What Is Brand Messaging? Brand messaging is used to develop and implement a communication pattern. It can go a long way in building a […]

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Archetypes in Branding

Branding Archetypes—And Why They Work What is an archetype? An archetype is an easily recognizable package into which a brand’s personality fits. If your brand were a person, what would that person be like? Would he or she be the life of the party or someone who is more subdued?  An archetype is a figure […]

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Branding Case Study

Elevate the Hero Company Background DJ Profit founded a pest control company with a much weightier goal than eliminating bugs. He saw the need for a company that openly welcomed former military members onto the team. His vision was to create a place that felt familiar, a brotherhood, where each member of the family always […]

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