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We're Magically Scientific

What do you know about the number 8? More than a mere numeral, it’s mystical, supernatural, and scientifically remarkable. Number 8 is the basis for our performance marketing outlook. 

With just one glance at the number 8, you feel your gaze resting on a fully-balanced digit—which, when manipulated correctly, means infinity. 

The number 8 represents endless possibilities—we invite you to, well, find your 8.

hello, we are find8 performance marketing


Find8 emerged from the idea that any business that can achieve balance, creative inspiration, and scientific relevance will discover its own kind of magic. The number 8 is repeatedly seen in mystical folklore, artistic expression, and the mathematics and science community. If one can find their version of the number 8, impossible feats suddenly become possible. 


In short, Find8 encapsulates everything our performance marketing represents—creative prowess and analytical scientific applications—a masterful cohesion of science and art.

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
-Albert Einstein


  • Chinese culture considers the number 8 lucky because its pronunciation sounds like the word for “prosperity.” 
  • In the middle ages, 8 was the number of "unmoving" stars in the sky, symbolizing the perfection of incoming planetary energy.
  • In Hinduism, the number 8 is the number of wealth and abundance.
  • 8 is the first number which is neither prime nor semiprime.
  • Atoms are most stable with 8 electrons in their outer shell. 
  • A computer byte equals 8 bits.
  • In mathematics, octonions are an eight-dimensional hypercomplex number system. They have applications like string theory, special relativity, and quantum logic. 


The number 8 brings everything our clients seek to light. We’re a catalyst, transforming companies into lucrative entities. We’re imaginative and passionate about the success of our partners. We’re a full-service agency ready to brainstorm.

This marketing firm is unapologetically unique, turning ambitious business owners into data-equipped believers—believers in themselves and the magic of Find8.


Long ago, a fierce woman in a land called Chicago built a successful career working for Fortune 500 brands and global advertising agencies. Her name was Karla, and she constantly straddled the line of two worlds—marketing and IT. Karla keenly realized that thinkers from these two areas didn’t always speak the same language. And so, she acted as a mediator between the world of art and the world of science.

She recognized the importance of both sides of the equation. Intuitively, she could comprehend the technology required to power websites and digital marketing while holding onto her passion for creative endeavors. In addition, she noted the value both science and art delivered to businesses to generate leads, create awareness, and drive sales. 

Although her bustling Chicago career was exciting, she always felt her powers were best suited to assisting small businesses. She remembered her parents’ hard work and devotion to building their own legacy—a space planning business. 

Suddenly, POOF! A brilliant idea came to her. Why not begin a firm that blends outside-the-box artistry and streamlined data management to help smaller companies? So, she opened Find8 to combine creativity and science in marketing…for Main Street America.

Karla established Find8, wielding her knowledge as an experienced marketer to empower her clients to succeed. As a visionary, she devoted her talents and time to creating an open and inclusive environment for her team—an environment where they could be themselves—and fly their nerd flags high. 

The goal of Find8, from its onset, was to empower business owners to use effective marketing to build and expand their businesses. Initially, Find8 constructed websites, then released them back to the business owners to run and upkeep. 

Soon, the remarkable SEO strategies integrated into the websites by Find8 caused rapid, intense growth for the companies, and they began to request fully-managed services. Thus, the subscription model was born. Find8 added social media marketing and management to its repertoire in 2008—and in 2012 came online advertising. 

In 2018, Find8 adopted AI, data science, and automation, propelling the company further in its efficiency. In 2019, the team moved into their newly renovated space in downtown Lafayette. 

Today, Karla continues to incite change within each client, working beside her husband, William Shelton, to lead Find8.

The dynamic team—of both creatives and analysts—currently focuses on leveraging proven performance marketing strategies for everyone, from small startups to national brands. In addition, it excels at providing advanced and ultramodern options to clients while meeting their budgetary needs. 

Find8 is—and will always be—where strategy meets innovation, the left brain meets the right brain, and ingenuity meets analytics. It’s strategic, original, and magically scientific.

Mastering Multi-Location

Franchisors, Licensors + Service Side Suppliers

In 2019, Find8 partnered with a multi-location, nationally-known large format print company. From there, the performance marketing team branched out to other franchise-based businesses, allowing a more detailed look into the multi-location marketing world.

The core of Find8’s DNA still involves site and search services. However, we’ve mastered the art of scaling the whole platform to the appropriate level within a corporation, collaborating with national franchise consultants—empowering them to help their customers more efficiently. 




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As a powerful force in the community, Find8’s leadership has always believed in wielding that power for good. After moving to Indiana and enrolling her daughters in the Montessori School of Greater Lafayette, Karla Shelton recalls how welcoming the Lafayette community was. “After living in cities all over the country, we finally found a place that felt like home,” she explains. As an act of charity, she built a website for the school and formed many meaningful relationships through that work. 

Soon, word spread about her prowess and willingness to help. Thus, a network was created—and eventually, a small business. Karla cites the warm and inviting community as the reason she found the confidence to build Find8 into the powerhouse it is today. 

Find8 leadership evaluates and chooses which organizations to give back to each June. To nominate a worthy cause, please email karla@findeight.com


These are the hard-working folks that make the Find8 Performance Marking engine purr. Take a look at what each of these team players brings to the table!

meet the find8 performance marketing team
meet the find8 performance marketing team
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What We're All About


We do more than take orders and check boxes. We lead the way in innovative and attractive marketing strategy and implementation.


We face each challenge as a team and always strive to grow as individuals and as a team.


We take our work very seriously, putting our clients’ needs and the goals of our group at the forefront.


We strive to win the race. All of us have a deep desire to perform and produce results for your business.


We’re all about making jokes and enjoying one another’s company, but most importantly, we keep a positive outlook.


We ensure our performance and create a dynamic, innovative environment by honoring the traits that make each of us unique while working together as a well-oiled machine.


We are, above all else, a team. We believe in the potential of each person who joins us.


All eyes are aimed at the horizon as we dream up new solutions and technologies to serve you better!

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