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Branding Services

The Face of Your Brand

The first step to getting your business seen by the public is to develop a cohesive brand look and feel that's attractive to your target audience.

elevate your brand with modern styling
elevate your brand with modern styling

Instant Recognition

Do you get hungry when you see a certain company logo? Do you get a little thrill when you see the shiny hood ornament on your favorite car? This is what branding does. Put the right imagery, colors, and wordplay together and people know what they're looking at and are ready to act. Get more business with a unified brand.

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Product Benefits

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    Independent surveys aid us in understanding the mindset of your target audience.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits

    Customer Experience

    Our expertly crafted design elements, messaging, and CTAs are customized to unique buyer personas.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Crystallize how to convey the inherent value of what you have to offer.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Learn how to communicate with your customers with a strategic messaging platform.

findeights performance marketing features are ideal for your business
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Businesses that are new or need a refresh:

Your business may be just getting off the ground. Or you may be doing well, but you’d like to take the next step in your marketing journey and have a brand identity created for your business.

reach your target market with strategic messaging


You need the right words to get your message across clearly and convincingly.

get a brand book to make sure your brand stays consistent across channels


Your brand's look and feel needs a clear set of rules for to remain consistent across your marketing materials.

Hit your target with the Find8 Performance Marketing team Charsha Hayden


A brand should be properly encapsulated and summed up by its logo. It needs to be bold, beautiful, and attention getting.

elevate your brand with visual design


There are plenty of design elements in branding that go beyond the logo. Make sure its consistent across the board.

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Performs Well With

Local SEO

Get seen in search engine results for your industry in your local area.


Google In The Lead

Pay for leads, not clicks, with Google Local Service Ads, a new lead generation platform, connecting buyers looking to quickly find and book services.


Social DIY

Keep in touch with your client-base with tips and tricks from Find8.



Reach consumers during a "micro-moment" - when a consumer needs an immediate response with a service or solution.

  • findeight incorporates data into every performance marketing campaign

    We use a variety of platforms to gather data on your different customer segments for creating buyer personas.

  • findeight utilizes analytics to inform every marketing campaign

    Advanced analytics measure leads, conversions, funnels, and more. Heat mapping is also included to gauge user behavior.

  • findeight incorporates automation into every performance marketing campaign

    Nightly, automatic software upgrades and automatic backups keep your site up to date and secure.

  • findeight incorporates ai into every performance marketing campaign

    Our state-of-the-art AI tech scans your site’s content for emotional pull to give us insight for improvements.


Fast Facts

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Buyers - More likely to consider a company that personalizes marketing to address their specific business issues. 

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Say that the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services.

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Targeting users with content relevant to their position along the buying process yields better ROI

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