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Want Something Real? Make it Organic

You want to gain prominence in national searches, but you don’t want to do so artificially by buying in. We get it. You’re playing the long game—you don’t need to hit the first wave that comes your way. You want to make a lasting impression. The big wave is coming, and Find8 can help you paddle your way there.

Get some reach

Not So National?

With Google changing its algorithms 700 to 800 times per year, it's difficult to stay competitive. You need an experienced agency that can give your site the fresh, SEO nutrition it needs to get you noticed. With only 10 spots on the first page of Google, missing the mark by even a little means a major wipe out for your business. Our knowledge of Google and our regular reporting will ensure that your investment pays off in the long run!

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Product Benefits

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Having the first page of Google results builds awareness and customers' perception about your business.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Brands must be visible in places users need them for when they are ready to research, connect and buy.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    SEO is great at driving traffic. Leverage this with other inbound marketing and you have a winning combo.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Measure traffic, leads and conversions so you can meet your CFO with confidence, being able to justify your budget and results.

our services our ideal for your lead generation site
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Companies that do business nationwide:

Your company offers products or services on a national scale. You have something great to offer from coast to coast, and you’d like to get the word out in a way that sticks.

Manufacturers & Distributors, Consumer brands, Software Companies, Service Brands
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Get your site set up to get all the attention you're after to sell your products and services on a national scale!


Starting @ $1250 / MONTH




Kymberly is our SEO Guru

See where you currently stand and where you can go with a strategic plan from our SEO team. Find8 utilizes powerful AI tools to reverse engineer the process and factors that your competitors use to get top rankings. Then, we recommend a customized strategy to outpace them. Our comprehensive SEO audit allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve your rankings. After the audit, we'll propose a plan tailored to your needs that will show how we'll get you the final results.

NAP stands for Name, Address, Phone. As a crucial part of your SEO, all of your contact information and company name needs to be consistent across all channels throughout the internet. In order to ensure this consistency, we’ll create a unique NAP workbook for your business. We just need to get this information from you, make sure it’s accurate, and then we can get to work making and keeping this information correct anywhere it’s displayed online. 

Find8 SEO specialists start the action plan by uncovering actual search terms that people enter into search engines. Our SEO team utilizes a powerful AI tool that helps us uncover the best keyword strategy to give you the highest opportunity to rank. Find8 researches hundreds, if not thousands, of words and phrases to then cut the list down to the top 10 core keywords that we recommend for the project.

Before we get started optimizing your online presence to get you found, we’ll create a 60 to 70 page presentation with our research and strategy laid out in an easy to understand manner so you know exactly what we’re going to do to optimize your SEO.

Initial SEO On-Page
This is where we really lay down the foundation and the building blocks for your advanced SEO to come. We add keywords to the website, write title and meta descriptions that are displayed with your search results, create internal links throughout your site for easier navigation, create friendly URLs (truncated URLs that make your site more efficient for Google to index), and add alt text (info that goes with an image, which allows the seeing impaired to know what pictures are displayed on a site). This is the initial setup before we tweak and add more SEO practices when the website is launched and we have more data.

SEO On-Page Management
In the "old" days of performing SEO, most techniques focused on technical issues associated with your website. This is still true, to some extent, today. We follow "white hat" best practices in line with SEO leaders such as MOZ SEO. Depending on your unique situation, we may do some or all of the following at some point in your SEO subscription:

  • Title and Meta descriptions
  • Schema tags
  • Rich snippet optimization
  • Headline optimization
  • Image optimization

Technical Optimization
Our technical team will audit your website with our crawling tools to gauge how well your current website is performing. We will examine hundreds of elements ranging from metadata and schema to domain authority and backlinks.

While what's on your website and the business directories is important for local SEO, what's off the website is equally important. Your site's quality is largely determined by the quality of the sites linking to it. As a result, it is extremely important to analyze the backlink profile of your site and identify opportunities for improvement. Find8 will monitor your site’s backlinks and disavow malicious or spammy links.

Fresh Content

Your website is a living, breathing entity on the internet. Every update you make to your website once it is "live" on the internet plays a part in its interaction with visitors, customers, and the powerful search engines. A static website without updates of any kind may be viewed by search engines as a "dead" entity - with no life and nothing new to offer. Depending on your results, we may develop content, typically with blogs or FAQs, to keep your content fresh and interesting. And, if you still need an extra boost, we will find opportunities for backlinks from other websites.

Blog Development
We will help you create regular blog content to help produce more SEO traction with optimized content laced with strategically selected keywords. With the extra content, you’ll not only gain SEO performance, but you’ll also solidify your place as a subject matter expert in your industry.

Each month you'll receive a report to help you gauge the results of your Google National Prominence program, including:

  • Website traffic
  • E-Commerce data (is applicable to your business)
  • Conversion data
  • Keyword rankings and more
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Performs Well With

Data Science

Measure beyond keyword rankings. Take the next step. Start measuring and optimizing the leads generated for your business. 


Web Add Ons

Google prefers SSL security on sites. To increase your chances of ranking well, you'll need added security. And what about scheduling software? 


Checkered Flag

Get a website that works harder to convert your leads into sales.



Own Google results pages with your business! Paid Google Search is an excellent complement to organic SEO.

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  • The best strategy is an informed one. Your site data is collected for SEO audits, keyword rankings, web traffic, etc.

  • All of your data is pushed into a data warehouse for unified reporting and analysis.

  • You’ll receive a detailed report emailed right to you every month.

  • Our advanced tech incorporates machine learning and AI to help us assess and predict to keep you headed toward the next big wave.


Fast Facts

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More leads - SEO generates more leads than any other marketing initiative

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Of people never scroll past the first page of search engines 

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Is the close rate for leads from search engines versus outbound leads at a 1.7% close rate

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Of internet users do research on a product online before making a purchase 

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