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Immerse Yourself in Social Media

You’ve already dipped your toes in the water—now it’s time to dive in! You love interacting with customers and people in the community through your business’s social media. But you’re ready for the deep end. Find8 can equip you with the tools and know-how you need to be on your way to making new connections and spreading the word about your awesome business!

The Water's Fine!

Dive In!

A lot of the skill in social media actually doesn’t involve the creative hashtags, cute kitties, and your splendid sense of humor. You also have the rigors of being consistent, the knowledge of how and when people use social media, and managing the time it takes to actually create content. Phew! We’ll set you up with scheduling software, an easy-to-use graphic design program, and premade design templates to help you manage this on your own.

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Product Benefits

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Creating unique, branded content keeps your audience engaged in your business.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Custom templates and cover images keep your social posts looking polished and professional.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits

    Expert Guidance

    One-on-one consultation for expert Q&A.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits

    Save Time

    Knowing how to use content creation tools and management software will save time and keep your social presence consistent.

findeights performance marketing features are ideal for your business
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Businesses with regular announcements and a hands on staff:

Your business is involved with the greater community. You have regular news, announcements, or topics of interest related to your business that you love sharing with others.

Entertainment venues, Restaurants/retail, Ecommerce
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You love connecting with your customer base and the greater community using your business’s social media presence. But you’d like some help to more easily make an impression with professional branding and automated processes.


$125 / HOUR



Alex Shelton

Alex is our Social Media Guru

We’ll get you started with a one-on-one training session where we introduce you to the basics of doing your own social media. From here, we’ll be able to put together design templates for each social media account and train you on an easy-to-use online graphic design program to help with your social media success.

We’ll hook you up with design templates that have your company logo and color scheme to assist you in creating professional, great-looking posts.

There’s more to social media than making great posts. You also need a complete an engaging profile and an attractive cover image to bring the whole experience together.

No social media post is complete without a captivating image to stop people from scrolling. We’ll give you limited access to iStock for a regular selection of professional-quality images to make your posts look stellar!

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Performs Well With


Buy your way into a better position on Google with paid ads using our Breakout package!


Brand Books

Marketing starts with brand awareness. That means you need a consistent brand image across all of your materials with the aid of a brand book from Find8!


Google 3 Stack

Don’t settle for less than being on top! That’s right, we can help reach the top 3 positions on Google with all of your contact info within easy reach of customers’ fingers!


Checkered Flag

Ensure you maintain your professional appearance. Soup up your website to work harder for your business. Learn more about the Checkered Flag web design subscription package.

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  • We use real-time data to see how users interact with your posts and how many there are.

  • Learn how to use and interpret social media analytics to optimize your posts.

  • Learn how to automate posting across multiple networks for days, weeks, or months ahead.

  • Our AI provides you with initial insights into market behavior to help you target your preferred customers.  


Fast Facts

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Americans Have a Facebook account

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Retail Brands Use 2 or more social media channels

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People watch online videos every week

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Businesses Use some form of social media

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