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Multi-Location Businesses

From Local Market to National Stage

Your vision has led your company to success. Now you have to take what you’ve built and expand into new markets, customers, and opportunities. Sure, dominating in the local market is impressive—but now you’re competing on a grander scale. You’re entering the national market where the competition is real and fierce.

Find8 is in the business of transformation and innovation. Collaborate with our senior performance marketers and business consultants, and watch their genius at work. We take care of everything—creating your brand personality, developing a scalable website, attracting franchisee leads—all while stretching every penny to keep you on budget. Partner with an agency primed to spark the revolution that positions your business to take the nation by storm.

turn the light on your franchise marketing with the help of find8 performance marketing
turn the light on your franchise marketing with the help of find8 performance marketing

Franchise Marketing

Experience marketing efficiency on two fronts—the corporate and the local. On one hand, your franchise will need a booming national presence to inform customers and win new franchisees. On the other hand, with each new location, you’ll gain a home in a new community that requires marketing support as an entity all its own.

The beauty is that the masterful hands of seasoned performance marketers are molding this cohesion. The best is yet to come, and we’re here to help usher in a new and exciting era for your business!

  • Performance Strategy to Steer Goal-Based Campaigns
  • Consistent Branding to Build Awareness
  • Data-Driven Messaging & Strategy for Interest & Engagement
  • Lead Generation for Driving Sales



You’ve done the work to create a successful company. Your thoughts now are locked onto the future. Growing your franchise is the next logical step. 

Find8 consults with businesses on the precipice of growth to map out a clear path to expansion. We have the expertise to streamline the process and its intricacies—and guide you through each step. 

From our masterful lead-generating advertising abilities to our revenue-building financial and operations consultation, our team is packed with the expertise needed to set your company up to thrive nationally. 

So sign on with a partner that backs you every step of the way while applying its vast knowledge and skillset to your customized marketing plan. Then, you’re ready to walk through the door to a broader world of multi-location business possibilities—and Find8 holds the key.




Digital + Print + Data

When we say Find8 does it all, that’s precisely what we mean. We tackle all of your marketing efforts in one place. No need to waste time with multiple agencies—we’ve got you. Plus, it’s all provided through the lens of our performance marketing focus—meaning every project is specifically designed to maximize your return on investment.

  • Initial brand development
  • Strategic messaging
  • A high-tech website 
  • Social media marketing
  • Ad campaigns
  • Lead generation
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Signage
  • Trade show merchandise
  • Outdoor billboards

Born to Perform

Look, we’re just a bunch of brilliant data nerds. So, we pack reporting into everything we do because tracking provides the information needed to meet—or exceed—your company’s key performance indicators. Our dedicated data science team keeps a finger on the pulse of all web and ad activity from initial traffic to conversion. And the benefit to you, the owner, is that your budget is wisely spent—while your ROI soars.

Efficiencies of Scale

United We Stand

Creating scale efficiencies at each level is essential to keep up with numerous franchise locations. We’re highly-regarded experts, and we know how to leverage the hierarchies within a corporate/franchise relationship to make everything run smoothly. For example, marketing packages for your individual locations help your franchise ecosystem work. And as your full-service agency partner, we can implement the software and structure to streamline the communication and analytics sharing between levels.

Complete Branding

The Look, The Feel, The WOW!

In our years of mastering the art of growth-based marketing, we’ve learned this—it’s possible to “stumble” into a supportive and eager local audience. Earning that population’s trust doesn’t always require message mapping and brand personas—but your national audience will. So brand your business in a way that’s so precise and so well-executed that your marketing efforts attract audiences at all levels. A purposeful and directed brand strategy is job number one.

Franchise Business Consulting

Bigger, Stronger, Faster

Our clients comprise every rung on the business growth ladder. So whether you’re taking your first step onto the national stage or are just looking to expand your current number of franchisees, we know which methods to implement. A misstep now could cost you time and money—investments too valuable to lose. So consult with us, and trust that we know the path for you.

Back Office Support

Structure + Control

We all want to believe that the road to success will be free of bumps—but truthfully, life happens. Locations will change hands. People will come and go. So, let us prepare your business. When the franchisor controls things like the franchisees’ phone service, software integrations, and virtual address assignments for home offices, transitions no longer have the power to pause revenue. We believe in empowering your franchisees to succeed—while keeping the big-picture control in your hands.

Franchisee Acquisition

The Right Stuff

Find8—a matchmaker? Well, sort of. We have a way of creating connections where they’re needed. And trust us, connecting you with the right franchisee candidates is just as important as connecting you to your target audience. We’re not talking about the “tire kickers” or casual browsers, either. We possess the skills to find people serious about investing and ready to do the hard work. Even more than ready and willing, they’ll be the right fit.

Get in Touch

Talk to one of our expert marketers to learn more or get started.



We design versatile websites that appeal to your audiences—customers, clients, and franchisee candidates—at the local and national levels.


Let us introduce your brand to your target audience using innovative and engaging ads backed by data-driven, intelligent campaigns.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a series of technical optimizations that allows your website to be found in search engines.


Create posts, images, and engaging content (such as videos and quizzes) on a monthly basis utilizing each clients’ branding and tone of voice.


Nothing says performance like the powerful engine that makes it run. Get valuable industry insights to inform major marketing decisions.

Lead Generation

It's one thing for people to know your name, it's another to get them to buy! Increase sales leads with lead generation.


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