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Winning Never Felt So Good

Make your victory lap a cinch with your own online store. Online purchasing is rapidly increasing. And without an E-commerce platform, you’re letting the competition pass you by. With online sales expecting to double in the next 3 years, you’ll shift your profits into high gear by offering direct sales on your website.


Take It Up a Notch With E-Commerce

You have the products people are looking for online—we’ll make it easy to sell them. Charge forward with your own E-commerce store with a CRM for better customer relationships and upselling opportunities. You’ll have plenty of reasons to smile and wave as the extra revenue spurs you on to your victory lap!

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Product Benefits

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    Contactless Ordering

    Give your customers the peace of mind to order your products without coming into contact with other people.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits

    Faster Selling Cycles

    Empower your customers to learn, shop, and buy at their convenience.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits

    24/7 Convenience

    Make sales in your sleep. Self-service allows your customers to buy at any time of day.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits

    Expanded Reach

    More customers, more sales. Attract customers beyond your geographic barriers.

our services our ideal for your lead generation site
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Businesses with a long sales cycle:

Your small business has products or services that can be sold directly from your website, especially to accommodate contactless orders.

High-end retail
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Get a striking, high-performance website without any of the hassles. With our all-inclusive services, we'll take care of everything from start to finish and keep you moving forward with continued support.



Chelsea is our Senior Designer!



$499 / MONTH

+  STARTUP FEE $1,926.25

What Does Turnkey Mean?

We will design and build your beautiful, customized E-commerce website and take care of your web hosting, support, and site security needs for those on a subscription plan.

  • E-commerce Store - Give your customers a place to find and purchase your products online.
  • Buyer personas - In order to develop an effective marketing strategy, we have to learn more about your target audience. Using advanced analytics, we can extrapolate data about your current site traffic  and social media in order to formulate a unique “buyer persona” who exemplifies your ideal customer. We’ll use this information to ramp up the content on your new site.
  • Customer journey maps - With our analytics capabilities, we can discover and measure how people interact with your website in order to formulate better strategies for capturing sales leads.
  • Multiple lead capture forms - Get the information of potential leads to have nurture them toward purchasing from you.
  • Mega Menu design - Make navigation a breeze with everything beautifully laid out. Enhance your menu from the typical fly-out design. Customize your navigation with eye-catching images or colorful icons.
  • Online web chat - Be there to give your potential customers the answers to their questions in real time or leave canned messages to help with common questions.
  • Real-time dashboard - See how your site is performing with this convenient online portal.
  • Advanced analytics - Unleash the power of Google Analytics to continue to improve your conversion rate. Track your leads back to their sources and enable yourself to continue to improve your performance by knowing the payoff from each section of your business's pipeline.
  • Web redesign every 3 years with a subscription - With a subscription plan, we'll keep your site up to date with current design trends with a redesign every 3 years.

E-commerce Store

Our E-commerce platform allows us to provide a sleek online store that you can use to showcase and sell your products. The store will be seamlessly integrated into your website, sharing the same branding so it's clear that they're in the right place when they navigate to your store.

  • Security
    And with the same level of security used by bank websites, you can confidently receive credit card payments for purchases. 
  • Inventory Management
    Easily keep track of what you have in stock, whether you have digital or physical inventory.
  • Mobile App
    Our E-commerce platform offers a mobile app to help you manage your store anywhere you are. This is great for selling in person!
  • Payment Methods
    There are 50+ payment methods to choose from, so people will have no problem making a payment.
  • Heatmap tracking - Heatmap data shows you exactly how your website performs by illustrating how users interact with each element, from clicking to scrolling to exiting.
  • Form analytics - We can track form filling behavior through abandonment, time to start, field time, field order, and repeated fields.
  • Conversion funnels - Conversion Funnels allow us to quickly and easily see where users abandoned a process on your site, such as creating an account, making a reservation, or adding items to an E-commerce shopping cart.
  • Popup lead forms - Pop-ups grab the attention of site visitors. Convey a specific message such as an event, sale, promotion, newsletter signup, or coupon. Quid pro quo...offer an item of perceived value in exchange for contact information.
  • Coupon design and setup - Encourage sales and loyalty from your new website traffic with the incorporation of coupons that display discounts, special offers, and new products/services. Fun Fact: 79% of all Gen Z-ers and Millennials seek loyalty or discount programs with their favorite brands.
  • Webchat Setup - Our chat feature is a valuable add on that gives you the opportunity to interact with your site users and help them through answering questions or even guiding them through the sales process. There are 3 main ways to chat with site users. You can directly ask to chat, be available to chat with an audible notification when site users request to chat, or set up an auto invite that will automatically invite visitors to chat when certain conditions are met.
  • Advanced Lead Generation Form - After your website visitors learn about your products and services, empower them to reach out to you to request a quote, schedule an appointment, or request additional information. Save your form submissions into a WordPress database to manage and export your contacts. Force required fields and correct data formatting before the information enters your database. Our advanced form stops bots by using Google reCaptcha, eliminating spam from infiltrating your pipeline. Set custom auto responses to let your clients know you appreciate them contacting you and that you'll follow up shortly and that they have successfully contacted you.

Starting your relationship with Find8 means we take some time to get to know your business, find out what your business goals are, get you set up in our system, and begin researching your target audience to formulate a marketing strategy focused on growth.

Just like your company is unique, your website may have special features you'd like to add. See our add ons page to learn more!

  • Member management
  • Box office events
  • Booking engine
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • WebSecure
  • Branded Email
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Performs Well With

call tracking

See where your calls are coming from and even record your calls for better customer service.


Social DIY

Connect with your customers and spread brand awareness with our help.


Marketing Dashboard

See the data for all of your marketing campaigns in one place.



Search Engine Optimization helps you get found in search engines.

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  • Gather incoming leads in a secure, online database that gives you the power to reach out when you’re ready to make that sale or give existing customers some love.

  • Get the lowdown on what’s happening with your traffic, including leads, conversions, funnels, and even heat maps that show online behavior.

  • Boost your security with nightly, automatic software upgrades and backups.

  • Make your life easier with automatic customer segmentation, automated email and text messaging.


Fast Facts

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Share – Percentage of global
E-commerce retail sales by 2023.

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Growth - E-commerce is growing 23% year-over-year, yet 46% of American small businesses still don’t have a website.

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B2B businesses – WILL stop printing catalogs within 5 years.



People may shop online at all hours of the day.

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