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Take your story a step further. Your website informs your potential customer, and your blogs go more in-depth. But you really want to provide quality content that’ll cause people to interact with your brand. A well-written ebook will go deeply into a particular subject related to your industry. We can relate your adventures, your experiences, and lessons learned.


Everyone Likes a Good Story – Let Us Write Yours!

As you’re out saving the day serving your community, you don’t have the time or writing chops to put an ebook together. With all the skills and knowledge you’d like to impart to the world, you could use an expert chronicler to spin your tale. With attractive graphic design work, we’ll place your artwork on your site with an option to download, read online, and we can gather email addresses in exchange.

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Product Benefits

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    Published ebooks carry a high level of value about the author and your brand.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Fresh content is like having a search engine magnet on your website!

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Add a member's only registration in front of downloads to build business leads.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Receive a custom content report to measure page views and downloads.

our services our ideal for your lead generation site
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Businesses who depend on leads:

You want some extra flair and creativity to help your business stand out. You’d like to demonstrate your expertise and grow sales leads by offering quality, creative content pertaining to your industry.

Pest control, Lawn care, HVAC Plumbing, Lawn firms

Ebook Features

$1600 / BOOK


Michael payton

Michael is our Content Wizard

We can write an authoritative ebook on just about any subject. We've written about topics ranging from the Knip Boom process in the cider apple farming industry to consumer benefits of recycling electronics. To start on your project, we need an in-depth understanding of your business and the topics we're highlighting. We will send you a client questionnaire asking detailed questions about your subject matter, followed up with a short discovery meeting to further explore the components of your book. 

Proper industry research is critical for the successful publication of your book. Our writers will spend considerable time researching your topic and may follow up with you if they have questions.

Your Find8 professional writer will write convincing, compelling, professional and straightforward content, paying close attention to tone and voice to properly reflect your brand. All content is 100% original and will be subjected to rigorous editorial review, proofreading, spell checking, and grammar checking. We take great pride in developing content for our clients, employing most of our writers from Purdue University's distinguished Professional Writing program.

You will receive exclusive rights to your e-book and may use it any way you wish.

After receiving your feedback on your first draft, we will produce a final version that will be handed off to the Find8 graphic design team for production.

What piece of writing is complete without a decent picture or two to provide context and visual appeal? We’ll provide your ebook with professional graphic design and images to enhance the subject matter.

Along with the informative and well-written content in your ebook, we’ll design the appearance of the ebook according to modern design practices. The finished product will be sleek and visually appealing as it makes the information easy to follow and understand.

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Performs Well With


Content is like a magnet to search engines. Learn more about Search Engine Optimization subscription packages.


Social Media

Build interest and traffic to your ebook through social media. Learn more about Social Media monthly subscriptions.


Checkered Flag

Get a site that does more! Gain leads with CTA opportunities to bring new business in the door.


Brand Books

Deck out your Ebook with the same branding you use for your website and other collateral for brand cohesion.

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  • Coming in 2021!

  • We can use analytics to discover and analyze customer data for better messaging strategy.

  • Coming in 2021!

  • Our advanced artificial intelligence software can scan content to improve the readability and overall mood of created content.


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