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Case Studies

Captain’s Log

A case study gives potential customers a glimpse into how your company works through one specific instance. Give your prospects a look at your captain’s log so they have the confidence to give you a shot for their next buyer’s voyage.

find8 performance marketing has an eye for case studies
find8 performance marketing has an eye for case studies

Builds Trust

Sometimes, the best way to let people know what their experience with your company will look like is to give them a specific example. This in-depth look at a particular case where you served a client well, what you did, how you did it, and why it worked will give confidence to those making a purchasing decision.

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Product Benefits

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    Set yourself up as a subject matter expert by demonstrating how well your product works.

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    Fresh content is like having a search engine magnet on your website!

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    Add a member's only registration in front of downloads to build business leads.

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    Receive a custom content report to measure page views and downloads..

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Businesses who want to back up their products & services

Your company needs solid, evidence-based materials to demonstrate your process and your past successes to those responsible for buying decisions in their company.

Pest control, Lawn care, HVAC Plumbing, Lawn firms


$1200 / CASE STUDY


Michael payton

Michael is our Content Wizard

We can craft a compelling and convincing case study from the data you send our way. Just tell us your story, complete with the raw data that brings the value of the point across, and we’ll put it together in narrative form. Your potential customers will get to see just how you go about providing the great service from in-depth real-world examples.

You have the story and the facts, and we have the ability to flesh it out in an easily digestible fashion. Our skilled professional writers will put together your case study in a way that’s easy to follow, along with the relevant facts displayed in graphic form by our design team.

What piece of writing is complete without a decent picture or two to provide context and visual appeal? We’ll provide your case study with professional graphic design and images to enhance the subject matter.

Along with the informative and well-written content in your case study, we’ll design its appearance according to modern design practices. The finished product will be sleek and visually appealing as it makes the information easy to follow and understand.

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Performs Well With

Data Science

Track metrics and see important insights about your website—how people get there and what they do.


Social Media

Build interest and traffic to your Case Study through social media. Learn more about Social Media monthly subscriptions


Messaging Platform

Develop a unique messaging platform which appeals to your target audience and distinguishes you from competitors.


Victory Lap

Maintain your high-performance machine as you charge down the track. There’s no need for a pitstop when your pit crew comes to you.

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  • Coming in 2021!

  • We can use analytics to discover and analyze customer data for better messaging strategy.

  • Coming in 2021!

  • Our advanced artificial intelligence software can scan content to improve the readability and overall mood of created content.


Fast Facts

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Would only buy from an authentic brand.

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