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Local SEO visibility starts here. Before you learn to ride the waves, you have to wade out into the water. Your first step into the wide ocean of Google is to set up and optimize your Google My Business (GMB). Your GMB is how your business appears in Google Search, Google Maps, YouTube, Knowledge Graph, and more. This is how you get afloat and start catching the attention of internet surfers, resulting in increased phone calls and leads!

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It's become commonplace to use Google to surf the net for local services like electricians, lawyers, plumbers, dentists, restaurants, car dealers, and more. Info like your business phone number, online reviews, or driving directions are all helpful for allowing people to easily do business with you. A verified and optimized GMB account will give you the foundation you need to get your start riding the waves like a champ!

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Product Benefits

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Verify your locality with a Google My Business fully optimized account.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Ensure Google users see accurate business name, phone, address, hours, etc.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    See detailed reports of driving direction requests, phone calls, reviews, and more.

our services our ideal for your lead generation site
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All businesses!

Your business serves your local area and has a nearby location. You need your potential customers to be able to find you and your contact info when in need.

electricians, lawyers, plumbers, dentists, restaurants, car dealers






The GMB Guru

See where you currently stand and where you can go with a strategic plan from our SEO team. We reverse engineer the process and factors that your competitors use to get top rankings. Then, we recommend a customized strategy to outpace them. Our comprehensive SEO audit allows us to perform in-depth research on your existing site and provide specific recommendations to improve your rankings. After the audit, we'll propose a plan tailored to your needs that will show how we'll get you the final results.

The process of moving into the 3-Stack is contingent on local competitive environment and results are not guaranteed. The 3-Stack is an "unpaid" organic position that is dependent upon Google algorithms. This program is a long-term strategy. If you are looking for a short-term solution, check out our Google Local Service ads.

If you don’t have a Google My Business account, we will claim the profile and optimize it for you. We’ll add new pictures, make sure business info is correct, add service categories, we can create google posts, and we always make sure we adapt your account to Google’s changing algorithms.

Our SEO team will provide you with access to the Google My Business dashboard report. Learn how customers are interacting with your business listing. Check out customer activity and actions. See clicks, calls listing views, and more.

Duplicate accounts can be the kiss of death with Google. Any time your business has more than one listing on a business directory platform (like Google My Business) representing a single entity (a business), that’s considered a duplicate. For example, Amco Plumbing in Cleveland should have only one Google My Business listing, one Facebook account, one Yelp listing, one Superpages listing, etc. Your business should not be listed twice on any of these platforms, ever. Doing so causes confusion and minimizes trust with the major search engines, especially Google.

As part of the Google My Business package, our Search team will hunt down, claim and delete/merge the duplicate listings.

Two hours included. If additional hours are needed, the SEO team will reach out to you to determine next steps.

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Performs Well With

Organic Starter

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Automated Customer Reviews

Build and maintain your online brand reputation while obtaining more reviews in Google My Business. Learn about Automated Customer Reviews.


Positive Performance

Acknowledge and thank the customers who take the time to positively review your company. Learn more about Positive Performance.


Checkered Flag

Get a website that works harder to get you more leads for more sales.

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  • Keep all of your GMB data, such as reviews, category, backlinks, phone calls safely gathered by Find8.

  • All GMB data that’s housed in the Find8 data warehouse is kept up to date for consistent citations across the web.

  • Your monthly GMB data reports are automatically emailed to you so you’ll always know how your data is performing.

  • Advanced AI tech coming in 2021!


Fast Facts

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Of shoppers look up and confirm address of a business before visiting the first time 

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Of mobile users searched on a smartphone for local business information

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Of mobile users look for local information AND visit the business on same day

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Of business owners have not claimed or optimized their local business listing on Google

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