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Build your reputation with potential new customers and deliver influential trust signals to Google.

send out review requests with automated review packages
send out review requests with automated review packages
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95% of Consumers Read Reviews

And 88 percent of online consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, according to Bright Local, the leader in local search ranking data and reporting. This statistic is astounding. This means that consumers are willing to trust a review written by total strangers! If you are not requesting user reviews (or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity) you are alienating nearly all of your buying population, depriving them of information they want to help them make their buying decisions. Luckily, automated software will help you invite your customers to review your brand, and to help you understand your brand sentiment across the Internet. And, you may even intercept a negative review before it even happens!

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Product Benefits

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Hear how satisfied your customers are feeling. Get your NPS score!

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Intervene with a poor experience before your customer starts posting online.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Enhance your reputation with prospects and the search engines.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    See which customers are writing reviews, what they're saying, and where.

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Retail & E-Commerce Stores:

Like any business, yours relies on customer reviews to secure its reputation.

Service area, Travel, Professional services
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Online customer reviews have a powerful effect on the behavior of your audience and the performance of your brand. They build your reputation with potential new customers and deliver influential trust signals to Google and other search engines.


$99 / MONTH




Kymberly is our SEO Master

Don't shy away from requesting reviews. They're an essential core of your online success.


  • Automated review requests
  • Automated posting to your business website
  • Automated Google review requests
  • NPS customer satisfaction scoring
  • NPS score calculations
  • Real-time review reporting

A Find8 Performance Marketer will set up your account and fully configure all aspects of it, leaving you to run your business and hand off happy customers to review your products and services. We will:

  • Set up customer review software account
  • Configure settings in the software
  • Write email templates, such as Leave Us a Review and Thank You For Your Review
  • Set up and install review widget on your website
  • Set up monthly reporting

We ask your customer to rate how likely they are to refer your business to a friend and to comment on their experience. You may send your customer an email inviting them to take a survey or if you're out in the field, use the kiosk mode, which operates on an Internet-connected smartphone or tablet.

The software will automatically post positive reviews to your website for Google to scan and for website visitors to read.

Customers that rate you at or above your pre-designated “positive rating” threshold are asked to cut and paste their review to Google.

Ratings form your Net Promoter Score, a key indicator and data point to your business and customer relationship. Every month you will receive reports offering easy views into your Net Promoter Score, customer feedback, online reviews, and more.

We also monitor online review sites and alert you to new reviews posted on your business so you can respond. Or, ask us about our Positive Performance and Reactive Response packages, and we'll take care of all responses, both good and bad.

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  • Coming in 2021!

  • Coming in 2021!

  • Coming in 2021!

  • Coming in 2021!


Fast Facts

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Read online reviews before making a purchase either online or offline

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Use customer reviews to determine if a local business is good or bad

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Report positive reviews makes them more likely to make a purchase from a business

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Websites displaying reviews can increase sales conversions

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