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Hear You Loud & Clear!

There's nothing like a good old commercial jingle or quick, pithy message to get people knowing your name—on the airwaves!

Can anyone hear me?

A Face for Radio

Get your message out to the wider community in a quick, engaging fashion. Radio is perfect for local businesses who want members of the community to remember your catchy slogan or jingle when they're in need of your services.

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Product Benefits

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    Brand Recognition

    After a few mornings in the car, folks around town will know your name.

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    Inform the Public

    More than knowing your name, you can let them know the unique services and deals you have to offer.

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    Look Professional

    A quality radio commercial sends the signal that your company has its act together.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits

    More Business

    The more people hear your name, the more likely they'll turn to you over someone they've never heard of.

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Local businesses needing exposure:

Your business is ready for growth, and radio is a great way to spread awareness of your brand locally.

Service businesses, franchises, retail, manufacturing
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Spread brand awareness in your local community with quality radio commercials.





Mix Master Michael

Before we make your stellar radio ad, we need to sit down and have a chat with you about what your goals are and how you'd like to meet them. With a deep dive into your market, we use advanced analytics data to put a strategic plan into action for whom to target and how.

When we know what kinds of ads that need made and to whom they need to be sent, we will begin looking for available spots and stations to air your ads and negotiating prices on your behalf. This can include local traditional radio and programmatic radio, like internet streaming radio and satellite radio. Our aggressive marketers will fight to give you great ad spots for less ad spend.

Our team of mad scientists then begin putting together a creative concoction of messaging and music to entice your target audience(s) to take interest in your brand.

Once you've approved your fantastic ad creative, we put our campaign strategy into action! The ads are set to run on at the appointed times and triggers setup during our media planning stage, and you're poised to see results!

If you chose programmatic radio, then after your ads have hit the marketplace, we'll monitor their progress, shift or pivot based on their performance, and we'll compile the data into a report for you to see just what's happening with the ads that have been running. From here, we'll know how to adjust our plan or just keep doing what's working well!

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Performs Well With

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Get seen in search engine results for your industry in your local area.

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Social DIY

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Reach consumers during a "micro-moment" - when a consumer needs an immediate response with a service or solution.


Fast Facts

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Of people are more interested in brands they hear about on the radio.

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Of Americans listen to the radio every day.

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Of Americans listen to the radio every week.


Number of radio stations in the US alone.

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