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X Marks the Spot

When it comes to your brand logo, you need something that hits the mark right off the bat. It has to be exciting. It has to be accurate. And it has to have the right flavor to make it clear who you are and what you’re about without much ado. At a glance, the right logo should make potential customers practically salivate (or literally, if you’re a restaurant)!

Hit your target with the Find8 Performance Marketing team Charsha Hayden
Hit your target with the Find8 Performance Marketing team Charsha Hayden

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If you’re going to hit a bullseye with consumers, your logo needs to speak for itself. We can give you a logo with the right colors and imagery to spark immediate recognition. And at the same time, we can bring your company’s personality to the forefront with the perfect blend of style and substance. Bullseye!

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Product Benefits

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Ensure you stand out with this key component of your visual brand identity.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Build the basic foundation blocks in order to build a bigger brand.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Define your company's personality which makes it more attractive to consumers.

  • learn more about findeights performance marketing benefits


    Properly-designed logos command respect. Give consumers something to trust.

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All Businesses!

Your business is either just getting on its feet, or you’d like a logo that is more up-to-date and/or professional.

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Give your brand a symbol you can rally behind with a sleek and beautiful logo.


Starting @ $1200


meet dana findeights senior designer


Dana is our Senior Designer

Receive a design symbolizing your organization—an emblem by which your company's brand can easily be recognized. Includes:

• Client design questionnaire
• Color palette selection
• Visual design including three rough concepts
• Refinement of one concept
• One round of revisions of the final concept

Getting started on your new logo requires that we first get to know about your business and your business goals. Once we know all about you, we’ll put together a creative brief to help flesh out the details of how your brand will benefit with the right visual elements in your logo. 

Researching the field or industry helps the Find8 design team get a sense of the environment your logo will be competing in. The appropriate look and feel of an attorney's logo will be vastly different from a restaurant, for example. Our discovery meeting will give us insights into your values, brand voice, visual brand identity, and more. Our designers will also research your competition and "best of breed" logos in your industry. These steps will help both of us to think more about what differentiates your business from your competitors.

Color can influence consumers' emotions and perceptions of your brand. The color palette of your brand logo must match the personality of your business. Think about how well the color pink communicates and distinguishes the branding for Victoria's Secret.

In the first round, our designers will present rough sketches. We will likely present three distinct concepts before we take the full plunge into designing the final concept. Once we get your feedback, we will refine the rough drafts and present the final logo for approval.

Similar to our brand book service. Our designers will provide you with a brand guide along with the files for your new logo. This lets any designer who works with your brand to display your logo properly so your branding remains consistent in any form it’s used.

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Performs Well With

Brand Book

Ensure that your logo is used properly now and in the future. Get a Brand Book to standardize logo usage, font usage, and much more.


Web Design

Bring your new visual brand identity guidelines to life. Learn more about Web Design monthly subscriptions.


Social Media

Let Find8 update your social media to match your brand identity. While we're at it, let us manage your Social Media!


Brand Messaging

Fine tune your brand platform to incorporate your voice as well as your logo. Make sure your messaging is as strong as your visual identity. 

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  • We use a variety of platforms to gather data on your different customer segments to help with the right branding.

  • We can use analytics to discover and analyze customer data for better branding strategy.

  • Coming in 2021!

  • Our advanced artificial intelligence software allows us to capture consumer data to help with targeted branding.


Fast Facts

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Percentage increase that a signature color can provide with brand recall, like the UPS brown

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Percentage of companies in the U.S. that use the color blue in their logo

  • 0%

Percentage of the best brands that are named with made up words or acronyms


The time it takes for consumers to form a first impression of a brand’s logo

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