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Strategic Brand Messaging—A Marketing Must

Branding Summary

Company branding is essential for running a business. Every company needs a foundational idea of how it will communicate to its audience. Read our blog about archetypes in branding

What Is Brand Messaging?

Brand messaging is used to develop and implement a communication pattern. It can go a long way in building a solid relationship between the company and its consumers. It involves using a unique tone of voice and appropriate language to deliver the company’s core message to its audience. 

Slogans are great examples of brand messaging. A company can tell you a lot about itself in one short and repeatable phrase. 

How Do You Implement a Successful Brand Messaging Strategy?

There are a few steps to define your brand’s communication style.

Know Your Audience

The initial question to ask is—Who is our audience? Establish a well-defined persona. A persona is a fictional person that represents who should be your company’s target audience. Of course, some companies already know who their target consumers are. Still, if this isn’t established, research the consumer preferences and buying behaviors in your market. 

Know Your Value Proposition

Your value proposition is the unique offer you’re making to your audience. Therefore, it’s essential to have a value proposition that sets you apart from your competitors. Every company needs to define its value proposition and stay true to it throughout its brand messaging strategy to deliver a clear, concise message about what its company can offer—that others cannot.  

Define Tone of Voice

The tone of voice is simply a tool to create a brand’s personality when communicating. Being humorous, profound, creative, or simple are all possibilities as long as your choice aligns with your target consumer base and still stresses the company’s value. It’s important to remember your persona as you settle on an appropriate tone of voice.

What are some excellent examples of brand messaging in action?

Several well-known brands perfectly understand the concept of strategic brand messaging. Use them for inspiration when brainstorming ideas for your own messaging. 


Dove takes a sensitive, intimate approach to its consumer base. The voice is soft, never harsh, and emphasizes self-confidence in a non-humorous way. Its value proposition is inclusiveness and commitment to diversity.


Apple’s value proposition is front and center. Their products considerably impact their audience’s lifestyle by using sophisticated technology and minimalist designs to create a functional and fluid experience. Their message is direct but not too casual, often using simple descriptions of functionality.


Nike features athletes. Their messaging focuses on dedication, drive, passion, and competition. Nike’s value proposition is the quality of its products. The language used is inspirational and full of action words. They strive to bring out the inner athlete in everyone. 

What if I want some help with my messaging strategy?

If you’re still not confident about implementing your own brand strategy, Find8 would be happy to meet. Partner with us to turn your brand vision into a reality—and reach your audience on a deeper level. 

Call us at (765) 588-6067 or visit our strategic messaging page

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