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How to Create an AdWords Landing Page That Converts

The Power of a Landing Page A landing page is a powerful tool because it is the designated page your user “lands” on after clicking on your ad. Landing pages have one goal—to generate a conversion or lead. A conversion is a commitment from a user, like filling out a form with their information or […]


Successfully Structure Ads Campaign

In part 1, we discussed why AdWords is such a useful tool and how to structure your AdWords campaign around your website or a particular group of products or services. We also emphasized the importance of mapping out a campaign in writing so that the whole team is able to visualize the different pieces.  In […]


Develop a Successful Ads Campaign

So, you’ve started a business and you’re looking into establishing an AdWords account with Google in order to draw customers and grow your revenue.  This is a smart move, seeing as pay-per-click programs like this one work for millions of users worldwide. If you’re a beginner, it can be hard to know where to start. […]


Proper Local SEO Supercharges Growth For Multi-Location Business

Background SUPPLY POINTe is a shipping and logistics company with a foundation in pallet sales. They service major geographic areas throughout the United States via a growing franchise system. As a hub of the trucking, freight, and packaging industry, SUPPLY POINTe serves a diverse customer base. Problem After spending an excessive amount of time and […]


Architecting the Proper Google AdWords Campaign to Increase ROI

Background SUPPLY POINTe is a shipping and logistics company with a foundation in pallet sales. As a hub of the trucking, freight, and packaging industry, SUPPLY POINTe serves customers nationwide and internationally. Problem Due to a very vague Google Adwords strategy and an aim for clicks instead of conversions, SUPPLY POINTe wasn’t accruing the number […]


Fight Programmatic Media Fraud to Protect Your Ad Spend

Programmatic advertising is everywhere in the digital ad world, with many companies relying on it to buy and sell the bulk of their ads. Unfortunately, this convenience comes at a price, as programmatic ad fraud has emerged as one of the most serious issues in digital advertising today. According to fraud detection company Forensiq, programmatic […]

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Ack! Are Your Ad Campaigns Fake?

Online advertising fraud has been on the rise over the past few years, becoming the scourge of advertising campaigns across the globe. But most business owners aren’t sure what it is or how to spot it. This creates a huge problem, as you can no longer measure how effective your online advertising campaigns are, ultimately […]

find8 utilized analytics to help a regional pizza chain increase sales

Regional Pizza Chain Analytics Case Study

Background Information As the new owner of a regional pizza chain, our client was faced with a myriad of problems—no website, no consistent branding, and no analytics to inform crucial business decisions. With the ideal goal of becoming a modern organization with a unified brand, this client entrusted their marketing to Find8, naming us their […]

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Senior Day Services Programmatic Ads Case Study

Find8 recently had a client approach us needing assistance with digital advertising. As an adult day service, their mission is to provide cognitive and physical stimulus to adults regardless of age, condition, or corporeal capabilities, to elderly individuals within their city. Find8 analyzed their needs, and quickly found the problem… The Problem Though this adult […]

Does Search Engine Marketing Really Work?

PROBLEM For years, this home improvement business owner spent a fortune on advertising in print, radio and other traditional channels. His instincts told him that these traditional advertising efforts were yielding low returns, and he was hesitant to dive into another avenue—online marketing. However, his instincts also told him that he should take advantage of […]

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