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Super hero with long magenta cape stands with his back to the audience, cape flows in the wind

Branding Case Study

Elevate the Hero

Company Background

DJ Profit founded a pest control company with a much weightier goal than eliminating bugs. He saw the need for a company that openly welcomed former military members onto the team. His vision was to create a place that felt familiar, a brotherhood, where each member of the family always had each other’s back. He invited motivators and problem solvers to work in an atmosphere of camaraderie–or to lead others by operating a franchise. 


Mr. Profit’s website covered the bases. It delivered information to the public and looked polished. Still, he wasn’t seeing the traffic he had anticipated. Franchisees would be essential to his success, but few recruits were showing interest. The brand was reaching about 70% of its full potential, but could reach 100%, if given some attention from an elite agency who excels in messaging and branding. After meeting with a variety of marketing firms, Mr. Profit partnered with Find8 because of its branding aptitude and dedication to hard metrics.

Archetype: Enter the Hero

Through data-based research, and after close examination of the current site, Find8 formulated an archetype to model the brand after. Elite Ops is the achiever, the problem solver, the calvary coming to the rescue. Disciplined, direct, and unshakable, Elite Ops was dubbed a hero. Now the messaging and branding needed to follow the hero archetype in order to create uniformity in tone and communication.


The current messaging was clear, but the hero was nowhere to be found. Instead of being a brand that would defend and protect you against all evil pests, it was just a choice you could consider when comparing pest control companies in the DC area.  There was no archetype superpower within the foundation of the brand.

White text on a black background. "The premiere choice for pest control in the Washington DC Region".

An example of previous messaging meant to attract a click. Okay, but we need a hero. 

Find8 took the value proposition, or the simple statement that communicates the service benefit Elite Ops wants to deliver, and kicked it into hero mode. Every aspect of the copy needed to convey that Elite Ops was here to solve the problem of pests in your home or business. And they would finish the job successfully because heroes don’t surrender.

Three muscular men stand against a dark background.

This is the difference the hero archetype can make. Smart. Strategic. Strong. Saving the day. 

In the new messaging, the heroes have arrived to take care of the issue and crush the bad guy. The new copy is direct and conveys strength while highlighting the skills of the team. Along with a serious and bold take on pest control, there are hints of humor to add a balance.

Franchise Opportunities

The original Elite Ops site lacked any information on franchise opportunities. This needed to be remedied. As the hero of this project, Find8 swooped in to fix it.

White text on black background

Find8 answers the question of why purchasing a franchise makes sense.

Find8 created a page that is accessible, informative, and stays completely within the hero archetype. A potential franchise owner needs to know why this is a perfect opportunity for them and how to go about applying for a franchise of their own. In true hero fashion, the new page lays it all out neatly, confidently, and directly. The potential franchisee sees the hero in themselves, the doer, the problem solver. They quickly see why, as a hero devoted to service, this is the perfect fit. 

Black background, green and white text "Your New Home Base" "A Rewarding Franchise Opportunity"

A hero get things done, but confirms there’s a solid strategy in place first. 


Elite Ops sought branding that’s cohesive and reflective of its brand personality. By weaving the hero archetype into every facet of the website, Find8 successfully brought Elite Ops to the level it was meant to reach. Emphasis was placed on strength, empowerment, discipline, and vanquishing the enemy. Now, the strategic brand messaging communicates with a clear voice, speaking out with a loud voice for all to hear.

Mission Accomplished.

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