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BBCS Payroll: Review Recognition They Deserve

The Client: BBCS Payroll Services

BBCS Payroll Services is a large paycheck-management company in the Greater Lafayette area. Dozens of companies trust them with the duty of tracking their employees’ hours and cutting them proper paychecks accordingly. This is a duty never taken lightly – employer-employee relations are built upon the foundation of trust found in an honest and accurate paycheck. BBCS Payroll customers find their work to be done exceedingly well, and many are vocal to their colleagues about it. However, customers found a concrete platform for airing those reviews did not exist for them. They came to Find8 to crack the online review puzzle – why do good companies often get so few reviews online?

BBCS Payroll is a very busy company – every hour spent on one task is an hour not spent on another. When one task is to chase after current customers to solicit them for online reviews, that means the task of working directly with customers to resolve real issues isn’t getting done. As a business owner, which one do you prefer spending your time doing? Which task is going to give you direct results? Let Find8 deal with online review systems.

The Problem: Not Enough Reviews

When search engine websites like Google gather their search results and rank them, not only do they simply match words from the query, check the age of the website or look for embedded SEO keywords, Google also searches for business reviews. More business reviews, and especially ones of a positive slant, means more points go to increasing your business website’s search result rank. It can be one of the most powerful tools for improving your position for multiple search phrases and keywords, especially searches applied to Google Maps.

Many studies point to customer reviews as the gold standard for whether a potential customer will come into your shop or give you a call after browsing their choices. A 2010 study published in eMarketer put the trust factor for “consumer reviews” at 12 times more trustworthy than claims by manufacturers. An expansive 2012 survey made the claim that customers are 72% as likely to trust an online review as a personal recommendation. The word-of-mouth standard works both face-to-face and screen-to-screen, it seems.

The Solution: Our Secret Weapon

find8 performance marketing uses review reputation management companies like gatherup

Find8 has access to a website called GatherUp (formerly Get Five Stars), which is a dominant tool in garnering businesses online customer reviews. It’s been monumental in BBCS Payroll’s recent success with gaining customer reviews. It’s indispensable for most of our clients, in fact. It has even done wonders for our own business’s reviews! With our access and understanding of the beta version, you can trust our effectiveness with it over other digital marketing companies in the years to come. Here’s what you see once you log-in to this service:

The site provides plenty of data mining tools for your reviews as well, across a multitude of supported review sites. This comes in handy more and more as new online reviews begin piling up. Check out two examples of the data organization below:

One of the chart breakdowns that this review marketing site provides. It’s just an example of many data analysis relating to your site’s performance on multiple online review amalgamator sites.

online review management

Tables provided in this new review marketing website we have access to let us take a quick look at your website’s performance across multiple review websites, then decide which websites to focus on. By the way: Yes, all 9 reviews on BBCS Payroll’s site are a 5/5.

It gets way more exciting than simple data organization: This new service also allows us to place an “app” of sorts on your business’s main site. It provides the review form, organizes the results, displays the reviews to other customers and gets counted directly by the Google search engine reviews on a major site such as Yelp or Google. Once the review is submitted to post on your business’s website, it reminds customers to “Copy+Paste” their review into other directory listings like Google+ or Yelp. We even gather client emails and contact them with this friendly reminder.

Did we mention the review form is mobile friendly, too? What’s more convenient than letting a customer leave their review directly after their experience with you using their cell phone or tablet device?

You Can’t Afford to Ignore Online Reviews Any Longer

If you’re proud of the way you run your business and confident in the interactions you have with your customers, then you’re only harming your bottom line by not “harvesting” as many reviews from your client base as you could. Think about it – every positive review is one more potential customer reading that positive review and deciding to give your business a try before a competitor. Some surveys across multiple industries contend that the vast majority of reviews are positive – it’s natural for people to want to thank you for providing them with a good service. Look at BBCS Payroll’s reviews – every single one they’ve gotten under our consultation has been a perfect 5 stars! We’ve already shown you why customer reviews are the most important kind of advertising for your business – to both people and search engines.

The Result:

BBCS employee Kyle Berryman indeed sings the praises of our work on his company’s behalf. He especially perceives our company as giving him his money’s worth – and more.

“We, like most businesses, are still confined by our budget,” Berryman said, “so we are taking small steps where we can. Each step we have taken with Find8 seems to pay off so we are very excited to keep moving forward.”

Since January 30th of this year, BBCS Payroll has accrued 3 pages of reviews on their own site – that’s over a dozen, and all are a perfect 5/5 rating. For many companies out there, getting one review at an online source a month is better than usual. Think of BBCS Payroll’s client numbers compared to a business with walk-in traffic – BBCS Payroll had these results with a much smaller customer base than many other kinds of businesses. Imagine your own success under our consultation.

Here’s a screenshot of how the review form appears on their website. This is accessible by clicking a simple image link on the homepage.

positive reviews increase customer satisfaction
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