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Facebook Turns Local Search

Facebook Turns Local Search

What Can Facebook Nearby Do For You?

With today’s dependence and reliance on social media, no business can survive without Facebook. This is especially true considering Facebook’s new launch of the mobile feature, Nearby for Apple iOS and Android devices. This feature has transformed Facebook into a local search for businesses. To benefit from Nearby, a business needs to do more than just have a Facebook page. A business needs to optimize their page by providing photos and information that is accurate and complete. Facebook has over 1 billion active users with access to Nearby, which allows them to:

  • Find a business in the area they search
  • Check-in at the place they have found
  • Like a business’s page
  • Share recommendations of that business with their friends
  • Rate the business based on their experience
  • If a business does not have a Facebook page, they will not reap the benefits from Nearby.
  • If a user can’t find you, they won’t have the option to view or post recommendations or show people that they visited your establishment! Build up your Facebook page with relevant material and encourage customers to check-in and Like your page.

Nearby Allows Businesses to Engage with Customers

Since millions of users already tag their locations each month using Facebook, these users are now able to guide their friends to those locations without directly mentioning it. When users search for a particular category or business type on their mobile device, Nearby automatically shows those businesses referenced by friends first. This is like the online version of word of mouth. If someone has a memorable experience, they will share it with their friends through Facebook. Nearby allows businesses to have more of a relationship with customers and gain new customers by these recommendations.

Facebook Guides Us Wherever We Go!

When people are sharing their experience with their friends they will now be able to do it on a much larger and more detailed scale. If people find themselves in a city they are not familiar with, Nearby is a great way for them to explore new places their friends have previously visited or suggested through their phone. A recommendation means so much more coming from a Facebook friend than from a random customer. Facebook will now not only allow people to grow their knowledge of businesses across the country, but we will be part of learning what these businesses are doing and if they are doing well.

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