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5 Reasons Your Website Needs to Be Mobile-Responsive

While having a website is great for consumers and search engine optimization (SEO), having a mobile-responsive site will be crucial in 2015 and beyond. Not only has Google begun alerting mobile users whether or not a site is mobile-friendly, Find8 anticipates that in 2015, or soon after, Google will begin to penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly, resulting with your website pushed down in the search results page.

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If the above isn’t reason enough to convince you to make your website mobile friendly, check out these additional five reasons mobile responsive is the way to go.

1. Mobile-responsive sites display across all devices. This means laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. Less pinching and zooming required to navigate your website, especially on smaller screen sizes.

2. This year, over 50% of searches will be on mobile devices. Mobile users often search directly for what they want instead of surfing the web.

3. Mobile users are much more likely to take action. Because these users are more likely to call or make a purchase than their non-mobile counterparts, having a mobile-friendly site will generate more visits and phone calls.

4. Customers are often local. If your website is mobile friendly, you’re more likely to generate leads or foot traffic into your store or office.

5. It’s important for SEO. Since mobile users utilize keywords to search this directly impacts your ranking on the Search Engine Results Page.

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Going forward, websites will need to be mobile-responsive to stand a chance in search engine rankings. If you’re unsure whether your website is mobile-friendly, check out Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test. If you need help going mobile, contact us at (765) 588-6067.

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