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Need a Web Developer for your Small Business?

Websites Aren’t An Option Anymore

Over 50% of all businesses operate without a website. A shocking number, but one that is much more shocking once you take into consideration all that a  has to offer. To break out in this digital age, you need to harness the power of the internet.

The question of if your business needs a website isn’t a question that should have to be asked. You need one, period. That isn’t just the opinion of a marketer either, but the customer. A

website social media presence

website and social media presence is expected by the modern consumer. In the wake of online shopping, Amazon and web reviews, people want to be able to research and see what they are considering purchasing. No one wants to shop blindly, and they shouldn’t have to.

Websites Aren’t Too Expensive Anymore

The cost of a great Monthly Subscription is less than you might think. From free templates to easy-to-use hosting services, a good website can now run under $100 a year.  Considering your website is your 24/7 marketing employee, that’s an incredible investment.

A Base of Operations

When people refer a business to a friend, they don’t give them a phone number – they send a web address. From Fortune 500 companies down to even the local farmer’s market vendor, a website is an easy-to-share way to let people find out who you are. Your website is a central hub for your brand and marketing efforts. Customers back brands they know and believe in. Your website is your chance to tell the world what you are about, and why they should believe in you.


The Google search is possibly the most common way for a customer to find a service provider or product. While still possible, it is extremely difficult to appear on Google search results without a website. Capture a new audience looking for your services by taking advantage of internet searches.

Businesses who utilize the internet experience 40% faster growth over those who don’t. What do you have to lose? Give your business the boost it needs – hire a web developer and put the Internet to work for you.

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