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Architecting the Proper Google AdWords Campaign to Increase ROI


SUPPLY POINTe is a shipping and logistics company with a foundation in pallet sales. As a hub of the trucking, freight, and packaging industry, SUPPLY POINTe serves customers nationwide and internationally.


Due to a very vague Google Adwords strategy and an aim for clicks instead of conversions, SUPPLY POINTe wasn’t accruing the number of leads it deserved. The Adwords campaign wasn’t properly optimized to increase return on investment. SUPPLY POINTe trusted Find8 to make the changes necessary to increase leads and raise the company’s profitability.


Quality Score

Find8’s resident Adword performance expert identified key strategies that would elevate the quality of the leads SUPPLY POINTe was receiving. The first strategy was to improve the quality score in Google Adwords. Quality score is a diagnostic tool that gives companies a sense of how well their ad quality compares to other advertisers. Unlike most search engines, Google offers incentives for better ads, some of which include a lower cost. So, optimizing the quality score would be beneficial by attracting better leads, earning a higher-ranking spot in Google, and even saving SUPPLY POINTe potential money.

Accurate Research

The next strategy was to engineer an Adwords campaign that produced only the most qualified leads and was relevant to the products and services that SUPPLY POINTe offered. To do this, Find8 researched heavily to analyze how SUPPLY POINTe’s target audience searched. From there, the Adwords team designed six separate campaigns based on SUPPLY POINTe’s most popular products and services. Each campaign included one to five ad groups, and each ad group consisted of very specific keywords and phrases. Basing the campaigns around these high-performing keywords would keep unqualified traffic at bay while directing the best-matched searches right to conversion.

Optimize Against Objectives, Not Tactics

The last strategy centered around the all-important user experience. With the consumer in mind, Find8’s design team created six new SUPPLY POINTe landing pages, each correlating with one of the new product or service campaigns in Adwords. This act created a user experience on a closed-loop platform and led to conversions. The landing pages would contain the exact keywords and phrases that users were searching for, making consumers more likely to purchase from or commit to SUPPLY POINTe. Implementing these three strategies while making true conversions the focus, instead of just clicks, made Find8 confident that SUPPLY POINTe would increase its return on investment in no time. The results, however, shocked even the Find8 team!


The results speak for themselves and are nothing short of amazing! The campaign’s click thru rate is double what Find8’s experts projected. Even better, the conversion rate is triple what was anticipated–and this was all accomplished within the very first month! Find8’s specialists haven’t seen rates so high since the 1990s! 

With rates like these, it’s no surprise that Find8 was able to elevate all quality scores into the good to excellent range. Improving the Google Ads quality score, bringing in qualified leads with a proper Adwords campaign, and improving the user experience by adding new landing pages caused an enormous increase in return on investment for the well-deserving team at SUPPLY POINTe. The key to this company’s dramatic surge in targeted, primed leads was partnering with a marketing firm with extensive knowledge of the inner workings of Google Adwords.

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