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Proper Local SEO Supercharges Growth For Multi-Location Business


SUPPLY POINTe is a shipping and logistics company with a foundation in pallet sales. They service major geographic areas throughout the United States via a growing franchise system. As a hub of the trucking, freight, and packaging industry, SUPPLY POINTe serves a diverse customer base.


After spending an excessive amount of time and budget on search engine optimization programs, which typically foster organic search results and traffic in this competitive industry, SUPPLY POINTe encountered lackluster results. Their return on investment was negative, meaning more money was spent on optimization than was generated in revenue. While competitors continued solidifying their standings in Google search results, SUPPLY POINTe kept slipping. To address the issue, they partnered with Find8 to finally achieve the rankings they deserved.

Exploit Competitors’ Weaknesses

Find8 meticulously analyzed SUPPLY POINTe’s competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses within each local market. SEO consists of a complex system of factors. Knowing what factors contributed to the success and failures of the competition would help the Find8 performance team develop specific insights and objectives.

Individualized, Local Action Plans

Content, site architecture, reputation, backlinks, and user experience all constitute how Google ranks a company at the local level. With so many variables at play, Find8’s performance marketing specialists developed a unique, personalized plan of attack for each franchisee. No more throwing things against the wall and hoping something would stick. The hyper-focused plans would be concrete and surefire.

Optimize Google My Business Profiles

A well-optimized Google My Business account is the heart of a local SEO strategy. The Find8 Performance team elevated each location’s profile to 100% optimization and corrected numerous, serious mistakes made by previous agencies. For example, Find8 discovered that SUPPLY POINTe was incorrectly labeled a retail business in one locale. In another, a franchise was set up as a physical location instead of a service area business, which limited the franchisee’s reach within his geographic territory.


The strategies below successfully led to vast organic growth and continue to advance the rankings and visibility of SUPPLY POINTe franchisees:

  • Accurate research
  • Customized, strategic, and personalized SEO plans for each location
  • Proper Google My Business optimization

Within a few weeks of completing the Google My Business optimization plan for the Charlotte, NC location, SUPPLY POINTe won a significant contract with a large client via organic search results. Growth like this was made possible because SUPPLY POINTe chose to partner with an agency that is an expert in local marketing and local SEO.

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