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The Best Web Development in Lafayette, IN: Find8 Performance Marketing

Keeping up with the ins and outs of web development isn’t easy, but with Find8 Performance Marketing, you never have to. Our expert web development team here in Lafayette, Indiana can build and brand a fantastic website that meets the unique needs of our clients anywhere in the world. That is why we are the premier choice for clients from Jacksonville to Lafayette to Honolulu and beyond.

web development and its infinite possibilities

Two Unique Packages, Infinite Possibilities

Our web development team offers two packages tailored to the most common needs of our clients. We have adapted our offers to ensure that we provide what people truly need from their web development in Lafayette, Indiana and beyond.

The first package is upfront web design, which provides the option of one upfront payment for our web development services. Whether you want a hands-off or customized approach, this package can be a success for anyone searching for a one-time cost and a beautifully designed website.

Our second package is the monthly subscription. Our monthly subscription options allow you to run your business while we regularly maintain your website. The monthly subscription includes upgrades, web hosting and one hour of monthly content updates in case updating your own website simply is not for you.

No matter what package you choose, the web development team will work with you to assure that your branding, content and website design meet the individual needs of your business.

A Process with a Promise

Our website design process offers an important and unique promise: togetherness. Our web development team in Lafayette, Indiana is dedicated to working side-by-side with our clients, no matter how near or far they may be. We have a clearly defined process for each of our packages that involves working with you to determine branding, helping you decide what content to include and designing the website itself.

Our team is dedicated to offering the opportunity for collaboration, which simply should not be passed up by clients that want a personalized web development experience.

Web Development Features You Can Count On

Our web design packages guarantee certain special features that we believe every website should have, whether it be for SEO purposes or simply for ease of use. Here are three of the many features we provide.

First and foremost, we provide a content management system that is easy to use. If you want to update your website, we make it simple. Our system works a lot like Microsoft Word, making changes quick and easy.

We also provide mobile responsive websites. This feature has a dual purpose – satisfying Google and satisfying customers. Customers require mobile websites because put simply, they are convenient for shopping, calling and finding hours and locations. Google requires that websites be mobile to have any possibility of being found in the first few pages of results.

Speaking of Google, our web development team here in Lafayette, Indiana provides Google Analytics reports to all of our clients on a monthly basis. We know the importance of knowing what you are paying for, and these reports do just that. Google Analytics helps us to show you how our web development work is taking your business to the next level.

If you are interested in the web design and web development offerings here at Find8 Digital, contact us to learn more and find out how we can tailor our digital marketing services to your business.

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