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Cheap versus Affordable: Getting Bang for Your Buck in Web Design

Your business is professional, with a brand, target audience, clear mission and much more. It is run by experts who know exactly what they are doing. So, why shouldn’t your web design have all those same qualities?

get the bang for your buck at find8 performance marketing

Your website represents your business digitally to people who have never stepped foot into your brick and mortar store or tried your products or services. Most shoppers check out businesses online before they make a purchase. This means that potential customers have nothing to go on but… a tiny website with a few paragraphs of content that is hard to find and maneuver? We would certainly hope not, but many businesses are falling into this trap for a seemingly lower cost.

Website builders may seem super cheap and easy, but that is not always the case. They simply cannot compare with the quality web design work your Lafayette, IN business deserves. When you opt for a website builder, you lose important aspects that your business needs to perform the best online. Here are five major downsides to using a website builder when you have awesome web design options available right here in Lafayette, IN.

1. Mobile websites are an absolute necessity when it comes to getting found, but often cost extra when you use a website builder. While the starting rate may seem cheap, upgraded packages are required to get this feature, and many others.2. If you want more than a few pages to showcase your business online, think again or start saving. Beginning packages come with a small number of pages to use, and more pages cost more money.

3. Another upgrade required here: only so much storage comes with the initial package. If you want more pictures, it’s going to cost you.

4. No offense, but web design for your Lafayette, IN business probably is not your forte, and that’s okay. DIY is not an effective strategy for web design, and help through website builders comes at a high price.

5. With website builders, the expenses never end. If you want to grow your site, you pay.  Even simply continuing to have your website costs you extra with no added benefits and in addition to hosting costs. Eventually, you end up getting cheap work at an expensive price.

If you are unsure about what to do when it comes to the website for your business, we have good news. There is a team of experts to help you at a much more cost-effective price than website builders can offer. Right here at Find8 Performance Marketing, we will work with you to create a professional website that reflects your brand and business goals. Contact us to learn about what web design can do for you.

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