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Does Search Engine Marketing Really Work?

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For years, this home improvement business owner spent a fortune on advertising in print, radio and other traditional channels. His instincts told him that these traditional advertising efforts were yielding low returns, and he was hesitant to dive into another avenue—online marketing.

However, his instincts also told him that he should take advantage of the currently untapped potential of Internet advertising, as he saw more and more of his clients using the Internet to conduct business. Naturally, he had concerns about the return on investment of such a venture, and he asked Find8 to help him justify the expense.

Would online marketing really help his business?


Find8 Performance Marketing proposed that the contractor focus on high impact/high yield opportunities.

They recommended that he focus on search engines first, since web searchers are in “research and shop” mode. To assuage the client’s fears about seeing positive returns with his investment, the search engine optimization (SEO) team developed a well-thought-out plan to not only track keyword rankings and clicks, but also “post click” behavior. It was important to prove to the client that the SEO campaign was actually driving new business—not just web traffic. Working with the performance analytics department, the SEO team put steps in place to track the following:

  1. Visitors who filled out inquiry forms for a quote
  2. Visitors who clicked the phone number to call the main office from their mobile device
  3. Visitors who manually dialed the contractor’s main office from any type of phone


The local search engine optimization campaign has been a resounding success. The client receives most of his leads—both inquiry forms and phone calls—from the SEO campaign.

Lead Sources

As shown in the table below, organic search drives 76% of incoming Web leads (goal completions). YTD 2019, this home improvement company received 209 lead inquiries through contact forms and mobile click-to-call actions:

Incoming Calls from Organic Search

Additionally, this company received 166 further inquiries through phone calls made directly to the main office:

The client is more than satisfied. He is receiving far more leads than before. More importantly, he is able to pick and choose the type of project that drives the most revenue and profit.

Call Recording

To help the client determine if incoming calls were valuable sales leads, the Analytics team set up call recording.

All incoming calls from Google were recorded and assessed. The report below contains the name, phone number, location and other valuable information—and that’s not all.

The business owner also benefited from the call recording feature in a completely different way—he was able to critique the salesmanship of his office staff. By listening to the recorded calls, he coached his staff to improve the qualification and booking process.


By listening to the client, Find8 heard his concerns about needing a positive return on investment for his valuable marketing dollars. With today’s technology, it makes sense to put a system in place to measure advertising campaign performance. By doing so, Find8 proved the customer right—his audience was on the Internet. He just needed the right tools and expertise to find them in the search engines.

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