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Senior Day Services Programmatic Ads Case Study

Find8 recently had a client approach us needing assistance with digital advertising. As an adult day service, their mission is to provide cognitive and physical stimulus to adults regardless of age, condition, or corporeal capabilities, to elderly individuals within their city. Find8 analyzed their needs, and quickly found the problem…

The Problem

Though this adult day service had no direct competitors, their services were underutilized and vastly unknown. Find8 next jumped into research to find out why.

Find8 Solution Part 1: Research

Before Find8 began the process of developing a campaign brief, setting up the ad server, or designing ad messages, the media team worked alongside our data science department to uncover data and insights that would power the campaign. 

Primary Research

The data science team designed and implemented primary research via Zoom-based focus groups and online surveys.

Secondary Research

find8 conducts primary and secondary research for each campaign

Through our partnership with Data Axle, our data science team was able to purchase third-party data including Mosaic persona profiles.

Google Analytics

Thankfully, the client had advanced features enabled in their Google Analytics account, giving our team several years of data to mine.

Insights Drive Decisions

The research produced an exciting and profound understanding of how the target audience segments think and feel, which helped the creative team produce high-performing ad units. For instance:

Old Messaging Missed the Mark

The adult child feels deep guilt and angst about taking a break from their loved one. Past marketing messages focused on respite breaks for the caregiver and adult child. With this uncovered insight, the Find8 messaging focused on the “Friend” and not the caregiver. The intent was to communicate that enrolling your loved ones would provide them with socially engaging opportunities that enhance the quality of life, well-being, and independence for adults experiencing changes in mobility or cognition.

So Did the Imagery…

The Find8 creative team focused on positive imagery showing active, socially connected adults. We made the informed decision to not show patronizing photos of helpless or unhappy patients in wheelchairs or walkers.

Find8 Part 2: Reaching The Right Audience

The Find8 marketing services team built a campaign  strategy to granularly target, via the Find8 programmatic ad platform, Centro,  three Experian Mosaic Audiences:

  • Boomers and Boomerangs
  • Town Elders
  • Family Fun-tastic

These Mosaic personas contained attributes, such as household income and media habits that would assist us in finding the right audiences online.

Leveraging The Right Channels

Based on the media habits uncovered during our Experian research, the Find8 media team selected the following types for the plan:

  • Animated display banners
  • OTT
  • Paid social media networks


programmatic ads yielded high site traffic for find8 client

Not All Persona Groups are Equal

After running the campaign for two weeks and allowing the artificial intelligence capabilities of Centro to gain its footing, the Find8 media team was able to see the results take shape. Surprisingly, the Experian Mosaic group that performed the best was the Town Elder, otherwise known as the spouse of the patient. 

The Town Elder

Our assumption going into the campaign is that eldercare decisions mainly fall on the shoulders of the adult child. However, we found that the spouse was very active in engaging with the advertising units, visiting the website, and submitting inquiry requests.

Boomers and Boomerangs

Although The Family Fun-Tastic group generated the most clicks, the Boomer audience was quite active, too. The 975×260 large-format HTML5 banner generated a 2.36% CTR!

The ad performance itself exceeded our expectations regarding the click-thru rate of .31%, which outperformed the national average of digital campaigns, which is just 0.08%.

The Find8 team also outperformed the number of clicks to the website with 1,451 visits.

Next Steps

The Find8 media team will continually optimize the campaign by heavying up on high-performing creative. More media weight was shifted to the Boomer campaign in order to drive more traffic.

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