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Getting To The Top: Improving Organic Search Results For Bollock Industries


find8 improving organic search for bollock industries case study

Where Am I?

Bollock Industries has been a fixture in Lafayette, Indiana for years, providing high-quality custom-designed countertops and closet organizers since its founding in 1960. As the Internet became more and more important for new business, though, they found themselves falling behind. People who searched for a countertop manufacturer and designer in the area simply did not find the Bollock Industries website, so Bollock called in Find8 to help.

Web Design from Square One

Before even beginning Bollock Industries’ new, optimized site, Find8 sat down and performed extensive research. We discovered what Bollock’s potential customers were searching for and designed a site that would not only reflect their searches, but would be easily navigable as well.

The structure of the site allowed us to optimize for several categories. Our experienced, SEO-trained writers and developers were able to target Bollock’s desired demographic exactly, no matter what type of countertop they were looking for.

The Results


Before we launched Bollock Industries new, fully-optimized site, we ran a report on their rankings:

bollock rankings report before optimization

The first column shows what keyword was tested. The “Rank” column shows what position the site appeared at in three different search engines at the time of the test. A dash indicates that the business was not found at all within the first 50 positions, and an icon beside the number shows that it was not the website, but a directory listing (like Yellow Pages) that appeared.

If the result is listed as “Secondary” or “Directory,” then the result found was a directory listing of some kind. If the result is listed as “Organic,” then the website itself was found.

For example, Bollock Industries was in position 15 on Google when people searched using the keyword “countertops Lafayette,” and wasn’t findable at all on Yahoo and Bing. The entry that was found, however, was not their website – it was a secondary directory listing.

Because our research shows that less than 5% of people go on to the second page of results and that the first page typically only holds 10 organic results, we knew we had our work cut out for us. As of the time of this report, Bollock only had entries on page one for two keyword searches: “custom closets” and “Cambria counter tops” – and these were mostly halfway down the page.


We have a confession to make. We normally wait a month after launching a site before testing its rankings again. But with Bollock Industries, we began seeing results so quickly that we just had to test it!

By the way, all of our rank testing is performed by a neutral third party. These results are not influenced by the cookies on Find8’s browsers, social media or anything else that typically affects search results.

Here is Bollock Industries’ position a mere two weeks after launch:

bollock rankings report after optimization

A green plus sign next to the number shows that this is a new, previously unfound entry for Bollock Industries. The number still indicates position.

Just two weeks after launch, Bollock Industries achieved the first position on Google for “countertops Lafayette,” “counter tops Lafayette,” “Cambria countertops Lafayette,” and “Formica countertops Lafayette;” each listing is organic as well, meaning that the full website can be found by customers searching using those terms.

Not only did Bollock Industries attain the first position, they also snagged several other positions on the first page as well. They hold positions 4, 5, 6, and 7 for “Corian counter tops Lafayette,” and similar positions for other manufacturers and materials on Google. Their ranking has also improved on Yahoo and Bing. Now, imagine what four weeks of Find8 working with your business could do.

The Top Search Ranking for Countertops

With Find8’s help, Bollock Industries was able to achieve high visibility in a very short amount of time. On top of that, the customers who can now find them online will also be directed to a gorgeous, user-friendly website that will help them make the best countertop decision. We’re thrilled to have helped a local business get such extraordinary results! It’s what we do!

bollocks stunning user friendly website

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