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Develop a Successful Ads Campaign

So, you’ve started a business and you’re looking into establishing an AdWords account with Google in order to draw customers and grow your revenue. 

This is a smart move, seeing as pay-per-click programs like this one work for millions of users worldwide. If you’re a beginner, it can be hard to know where to start. Here at Find8, we are big believers in the benefits of a well-structured AdWords campaign. We guide beginners, and those with experience, through this tricky process every day. 

Why AdWords?

If organized and implemented the right way, you can expect AdWords to provide vital data, present your ads to your target audience, and increase your ROI. We have years of experience with the program, and we want to share what we’ve learned about the basic structuring of a campaign. 

Choose a Basis for Your Campaign

There are different ways to organize your account. Below are some examples. It’s a good idea to delve into your goals and spend some time thinking about which route would be best for you, your goals, and your company.

1. Your Website

Think about the current structure of your website. Does each product or service exist on its own tab? Are some products or services more valuable than others? If your website is structured well, it makes sense to organize your AdWords campaign the same way. Your site should also include applicable and coherent landing pages. 

If you need help with your site or landing pages, call a professional organization to transform it into something visually exciting and user-friendly. Find8’s team of copywriters and designers would be happy to create something for you. Contact us at 765-588-6067.

2. Your Products and Services

Structuring your new campaign around your products and services is cohesive and easy to maintain. This is also a good place to stop and take an in-depth look at your budget. Which products or services do you want to spend the most on? 

Let’s look at an example. Say you run a pet store. What do most of your customers spend money on? Maybe it’s dog food or flea treatments. Perhaps it’s fish aquariums. Do you sell pet treats and clothes online? Analyze your numbers. What are your biggest sources of revenue? 

Structure your account around one or two products or services that you’d like to highlight. These products or services may be your top sellers, or perhaps they aren’t right now—but after you work them into an AdWords strategy, they could be. 

It’s possible that these products are new and just hit your shelves, or maybe they are services you just began offering to your customers. Divide up your products and services, and devote campaign money to those that are most valuable to you—no matter how you define value.

Make it Easy, Map it Out

The important thing to remember is that you want your AdWords campaign to be easy to manage, track, and optimize. Once you’ve settled on a central idea for your campaign structure, we suggest you map it out visually. 

To read on about structuring an effective and successful AdWords campaign, see part 2 of this series. To find out more about the benefits of AdWords, contact our team at 765-588-6067.

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