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Developer vs. Designer

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Two words appear commonly when looking for a company that does web-based work: development and design. What’s the difference between the two? Which one is right for your needs? Let’s take a look at the differences between the two to see which web company style will best fit the needs of your business.

During the construction of a building, two different people collaborate to make the perfect final product. Though they both play equal parts in the final product, how they contribute varies quite a bit. A web developer is like the construction crew and architect. The web developers lay down the foundation of your website and the pages it has. When you use a website, you are touring the building they made.

Web designers come in after the frame of the website is in place. An unfinished building looks like concrete and wood to the layman, but to the interior designer, they see potential. The web designers come in and work with the web developers to make the walls and foundations into attractive and easy-to-use final products.

Both do great work in tandem to create a great website, with web developers creating the foundation, and web designers tailoring the website to you and your customers.

What Do Web Development Companies Do In Particular?

While web development and web design may be brother and sister, they are not equal in terms of what it takes to do them. Web development is founded in programming: using computer languages and code to make computers do what they do. While both require advanced computer skills to do their jobs, web developers tend to do more in the strict world of computer science. Web designers use these same skills, coupled with artistic ability, to accomplish their goals.

Say you run a business and would like to have an online store to sell your product through. The process of making an online store that works while protecting your sales and customer’s information from hackers is quite demanding. A web developer is required to solve a problem like this. They can build a working web store, secure it from hackers, and more using their programming prowess.

Although web developers create these powerful tools, they aren’t the only ones who can implement them. Web designers are masters in making websites fun and easy to use. The quest to accomplish this requires that they be able to plug in and make online stores, photo galleries, and more, work on a site. Not only can they plug in these features, but they can design them to fit your vision perfectly.

Which Is Right for Me?

Web design agencies(like Find8) will be a great fit for most companies looking to build their website and make it pop. Web designers will have no problem putting together a gorgeous and fun website that will add a professional flair to your business – with plenty of computer know-how to spare!

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