Regional Pizza Chain Analytics Case Study - Find8 Performance Marketing
find8 utilized analytics to help a regional pizza chain increase sales

Regional Pizza Chain Analytics Case Study

Background Information

As the new owner of a regional pizza chain, our client was faced with a myriad of problems—no website, no consistent branding, and no analytics to inform crucial business decisions. With the ideal goal of becoming a modern organization with a unified brand, this client entrusted their marketing to Find8, naming us their agency of record.

Campaign Goals

Implement multiple tracking and reporting techniques to gather data, generate insights, and then use the data to recommend strategies and tactics, along with outreach campaigns.

Find8 Solution:

The Basics: Google Analytics

First, we started with the basics. Google Analytics (GA) was the perfect tool to gather website behavior and campaign source data. By analyzing the page views on GA, we concluded the locations page was far more popular than the client anticipated, surpassing the views of the home and menu pages. 

Store Locator Recommendation

Through the discovery of the location page’s popularity, Find8 urged the client to put more focus on the locations page—in particular, we recommended adding a store locator for convenience:

find8 added a store locator to help users more easily find locations

Call Tracking

In addition to utilizing Google Analytics, Find8 also installed call tracking. Pizza King’s industry depends on inbound calls to order food, so they must have the methods to ensure a positive caller experience. Additionally, lacking a system to source calls, Pizza King had no idea what made the phone ring, between advertising and word of mouth.

Outdated System Dropped Calls

Through the call tracking analysis, Find8 found that their outdated phone line was leaving people on busy or completely dropping their calls! Our team estimated that in a single month, one store would lose thousands of dollars, for a double-digit yearly impact! 

Marketing Dashboard

To manage the large amounts of data we received from multiple sources, such as Google Analytics, Google My Business, Call Tracking, and more, the Find8 data science department set up a real-time reporting dashboard to view and analyze data:

find8 can create custom marketing dashboards for your business

Find8 Results – Conclusion

Call Tracking

Using our advanced call tracking analytics, Find8 recommended that our client install new phone lines and devote one person to call taking during peak times to save thousands of dollars.  

find8 can track phone calls to see what sources your business is coming from

Store Locator

In addition, through the outreach campaign, searchers were able to better interact with the partner stores which increased business for each of the 67 member partners. The store locator pages further gave Pizza King more data to target additional areas for store chains. 

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